1952 Hoody
    1952 Hoody.

    This Engineered For Speed Since 1952 Black Hoody Brings Fresh Style To The Art Of Keeping The Chill Out As The Temperature Drops. The Hood Itself Is Lined Kawasaki Green, Whi..

    Manufacturer: Kawasaki
    SKU: 166stm0021

(12390-371-405) Insulator Comp.,
    (12390-371-405) Insulator Comp.,.

    Keep The Elements At Bay When You Replace Your Old Tacho Cove..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 12390371000

(14543369030) Spring,tensioner
    (14543369030) Spring,tensioner.

    It Makes Good Practical Sense To Renew This Tensioner Spring As A Matter Of Course When Giving Your Engine A Makeover. The More Parts That Are Renewed In The Engine, The More Reliable The Outcome, And The Time Saved By Not Trying To Salvag..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 14543369000

Gear,oil Pumpdriv
    Gear,oil Pumpdriv.

    Oil Lubricates And Also Helps Cool The Engine - It Can Only Do This When The Oil Pump Is In Tip-top Condition! Renewing As Many Of The Wear Components As Possible Will Ensure The Efficient Operation Of The Pump Will Not..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 15130958000

Insulator R Carb
    Insulator R Carb.

    These Carburettor Insulators Do An Important Job, Keeping The Carburettor Cool, And Reducing Vibration Transmitted From The Cylinder Head. These Items Will Lose Their Anti Vibe, Heat Insulating Properties Over Time, Through Heat, Pressure And Vibration. Before Placing Your Order, Take A Look At Our Online Schematic For Your Model..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 16211216000

Air/c Case
    Air/c Case.

    Keep Your Machine Running With The Correct Air/fuel Mixture Ratio. Replace The Air Filter In Line With The Service Schedule. A Dirty Filter Means Rich Running, Poor Performance, Reduced Economy And Premature Engine Wear! Replacing The Air Cleaner Case At The Same Time, Especially ..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 17221165000

(23491my3000) Gear,m-5
    (23491my3000) Gear,m-5.

    When Overhauling The Transmission, Replacing As Many Of The Wear Items As Possible Will Simplify The Building Process And Subsequent Adjustments Required To Set Up The Gearbox Correctly. Some Of The Most Vital Items Includes As Many New Gear Train Components Like This M-5 Ge..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 23491mt3000

(32411230000) Cover Terminal
    (32411230000) Cover Terminal.

    This Terminal Cover Helps Keep The Connection Free Of Moisture, But Because It Is Rubber, It Has A Limited Service Life. U.v And General Wear And Tear Will Eventually Render It A Useless Eye Sore! So, Don't Leave It Too Long To Replace, It Does Not Cost Much After All. * To View Other Es..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 32411253000

(53178230010) Lever L Handle
    (53178230010) Lever L Handle.

    Fitting New Parts Like This Will Save So Much Time And Effort In The Almost Impossible Task Of Refurbishing The Old Part, Probably With Half The Ball End Ground Off! This Right-hand Lever May Also Be Required. Please Check Compatibility Prior To Ordering..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 53178051000

Case Assy.,headli
    Case Assy.,headli.

    Beautiful New Oe Headlight Case, Making The Restoration Or Refurbishment Of Your Mini Bike Just That Little Bit Easier. For More Parts To Help You Achieve Pain Free Restoration Perfection, Check Our Online Schematic For Your Model, And Enjoy The Feel Good Factor Whe..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 61301gs9003


    Not Just Any Old Stud, A Correct Specification Oe Stud. Precisely Engineered To The Exact Job It Was Designed For Without Compromise. * Don't Compromise Y..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 90044377000

(90381gz4671) Screw,spl 6x11
    (90381gz4671) Screw,spl 6x11.

    Add The Finishing Touch To The Handlebar Controls By Fitting These New Screws To Replace The Old Damaged And Discoloured Item. If You Are Overhauling This Area Of The Machine, We Supply All The Control Cables For Thrott..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 90381gz4670

(91201324013) Oilseal6.5x14.5x7
    (91201324013) Oilseal6.5x14.5x7.

    Specifying Only Oe Oil Seals When Rebuilding The Assembly Will Mean Using The Same Items Used By The Factory. Why Risk Any Other Make Of Seal With Somethi..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 91201324010

(0154706257) Bolt,guide
    (0154706257) Bolt,guide.

    Given The Choice Between An Old Corroded Fastener Component, And A New, Nicely Plated Part, What Would You Use In The Overhaul Of Your Machine. Well If We Assume Correctly, You Might Like To See All The Other New Bolts And Screws That Will Help You Achieve A Thorough And Professional Job! Other Related Fasteners You May Wish To Add To Your Shopping Cart At The Same Time To Avoid Multiple Shipping Charges: #0154705087 ..

    Manufacturer: Suzuki
    SKU: 5862927c40

Damper, Side Cover (437)
    Damper, Side Cover (437).

    Plastic Bodywork Has To Be Protected From Damaging High Frequency Vibration; These Damper Rubbers Are The Main Protection Again..

    Manufacturer: Yamaha
    SKU: 9048012053

Chain, Cam Shaft (583)
    Chain, Cam Shaft (583).

    Even Yamaha Cam-chains Wear Out Eventually! If You Are Replacing Your Cam Chain, You May Consider Replacing The Tensioner Pulleys, Timing Sprocket And Cam Sprocket, ..

    Manufacturer: Yamaha
    SKU: 9450002106

Hypers-stage V-kit (c-type) 12v Monkey .gorilla (52mm/88cc -
    Hypers-stage V-kit (c-type) 12v Monkey .gorilla (52mm/88cc -.

    Hyper S-stage 88 Cc Kit (c-type) With Keihin Pc18 Carburettor + Type-2 Air Filter For 12v Monkey & Gorilla - Baja Bore: 52mm Stroke: 41.4mm..

    Manufacturer: Takegawa
    SKU: 01053104

Rubber B,pump/m
    Rubber B,pump/m.

    This Rubber Pump Mount Has One Very Important Function; To Ensure The Pump Is Protected. Failure To Replace This Part Before It Wears Out Completely May Allow Expensive Damage To O..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 16712mbtd20

Hologram Panel Set
    Hologram Panel Set.

    Hologram Side Panel Set - Untransparent Hologram Side Plate..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 08f52gez81zmh

Rear Seat Cowl Pearl
    Rear Seat Cowl Pearl.

    When A Bodywork Component Like This Seat Cowl Is Manufactured To Japanese Quality Control Standards You Know That It Will Be Of The Highest Quality, It Will Fit Perfectly And Will Posses Long-term Durability. Cheaper After Market Alternatives May No..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 08f74mfl870

Cap,rr.brk.pedal (no O.e. Alternative)
    Cap,rr.brk.pedal (no O.e. Alternative).

    Cbx Owners Can Now Renew The Worn Out, Scruffy Item With This Newly Produced Part, Manufactured To Japanese Quality Control Standards. * Check The Omline Schematic For Your M..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 46511422000p

(98069-58916) Spark Plugdpr8ea-
    (98069-58916) Spark Plugdpr8ea-.

    The Spark-plug Must Be Right. Buying The Correct Item For Your Model From Us, By Providing The Correct Part Number, Will Make Sure That You Are Fitting The Correct Part To Allow Your Engine To Achieve Its Full Potential. If You Are Unsure Of The Part Number, Then Check It, ..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 31916krh900

Rear Carrier Kit
    Rear Carrier Kit.

    Required To Install The Optional Aluminium Top Case On The Standard Super Tnr. * Int..

    Manufacturer: Yamaha
    SKU: 2bs248d000

Snatch Block
    Snatch Block.

    Can Double The Pulling Power Of Any Winch Or Change Your Pulling Direction Without Damaging T..

    Manufacturer: Yamaha
    SKU: Yme8889800

Lens,taillight (non O.e. Alternative)
    Lens,taillight (non O.e. Alternative).

    When An Essential Part, Like A Taillight Lens Runs Dry, We Take An Original Part To An Accredited Engineering Company, Spend A Lot Of Time And Money On Developing New Tooling, And Have The Parts Produced Employing Japanese Quality Control Standards. This, Along With Modern Injection Moulding Machine Tools And High-q..

    Manufacturer: Honda
    SKU: 33141ma0003p

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